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Hot Pot Picker With Cool Touch Handle - Lime Green
No more ouchies....Hot Pot Picker With Cool Touch Handle is here to the rescue! Only a homemaker knows how many times we go through situations where we have to handle hot pots and...
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Wowzy Red And All Steel Watermelon Slicer And Cake Cutter - WOWZY- ALL
WOWZY....your most easy and convenient Watermelon Slicer! Now in RED And ALL STEEL for Watermelon and Any Melon Slicer as well as Cake Cutter..!!! Smaller and better than those ...
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Pretty Prickly Pineapple Peeler The 4P Tool
Love juicy Pineapples..?....! Only thing you need to do is to just cut the leafy part of the Pineapple and insert the 4P, then simply twist and Voila! ..The whole juicy Pineapple ...
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Mr. Mister Point And Spray Olive Oil Spritzer
Smart choice by smart cooks..No more sticky pans! Why keep buying expensive oil sprays just for the spray mechanism ? They give you a thin coat of oil on your pans but believe it ...
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Reseal and Save Cordless Bag Sealer
Use this cordless BPA-free food saver to create airtight seals that keep food fresh...Using 6 AA batteries , you can seal 200-300 bags...
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Go Green Veggie 4 in 1 Grinder Slicer Cutter And Shredder
"'Eat Your Vegetables, don't become one', they say....and never forget to eat an Apple a day to keep the doctor away..! You can now conveniently Cut , Slice, Shred, and Grind ...
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Open Sesame Vintage Style Grip and Twist Jar Opener With Handle
"How many times you have faced a situation where you can't wait to try your favorite Salsa but just can't open a stubborn jar..?!! Get a handle on the situation and order Open ...
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Sheer Brilliance Divide Prep Time With Multiple Herb Sheers - Brilliant
This specialty gadget is not your regular kitchen scissors, it is SHEER BRILLIANCE! with double 4 finger handle opening makes it easy for left or right handed person... Cut herbs...
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Double Sided Touchless Garlic Chopper And Slicer
When it comes to making authentic tasting Italian foods, you can’t forget the garlic...Note the raised design on each lid, indicating the blade function: square for dicing and ...
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